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New in – Spring babies from VP!

My newest babies has arrived!
Look and enjoy!
This is their newest collection called Woman of valor!
Its soo beautiful and makes me feel the vibes of spring and summer! Lovely!

Look how awesome they all look in my nail- polish rack 🙂 A whole row with beautiful colors! The black and white one is in the rack below.

You will soon se swatches here in my blog!
Do you have any wishes for witch one I should start with? 🙂
If so, please tell me In the ...

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First try – Sharpie nail art

It was fun to play with my new sharpie pencils. It was a little bit tricky to make some nice nailart patterns with them. But I thing the result was some nice one and some not so nice 🙂
Here you se my art on some swatchingsticks. 😛
And a little try on a paper too ;P hehe!






(null)A little tip to you all who want to try, don’t paint on a mette surface, the colors doesn’t spread at all. You se what a mean on the one with blue and black colors.

Otherwise, it was ...

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New in – Sharpie pencils!

Today i receive my new friends! – The sharpie pencils! 🙂
I have seen so much beautiful nailart made with these pencils and some alcohol!
So i couldn’t resist myself when i saw these pack with 24 pencils for 249 SEK 😀
Let’s try them right away! 🙂

Do you also want them?
I found mine here: but you can find them in many store and on eBay 🙂

I will be back with the results, both bad and better ones 🙂

Take care!
Many Hugs, Emelie


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Nailmail from Mouyou!

Today my first things from the nail art brand Mouyou arrived! 🙂
stampingplates<del></del>” class=”alignnone size-full” /</a><br />
I bought three stampning-plates from their new collection <strong><a href=Holy Shapes and one stamping polish called Purple Haze.
moyou stamping
purple haze
Now I’m just waiting for my new stamper – the popular Creative stamper that supposed to be really good. So excited! 🙂

The stamped I’ve have now is a cheap thing from eBay that makes my go nuts when I trying to stamp...

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Todays nails – ILNP Luna

Look at this gorgeous nail polish!

The next in line for test of my new five members from ILNP Ultrachrome collection is this beauty called Luna.
Its really hard to catch the beauty in this nailpolish in a picture, but I have tried 🙂 look and try to not drool! 😉

ILNP Luna swatch by

Luna by ILNPOn the ringfinger in this photo I tried a matte topcoat and oooh its so nice! 🙂

ILNP -Luna bottle

If you have the same cravings that I got when I first saw this polish, you can still get them here if your lucky ...

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Virtuous Polish – Pics & Swatches

Finally I have a post with the whole Seven virtues collection swatched for you and I’m blown away of its beauty! 🙂
I’m in loove!

Let’s start drooling 😉

VP Polish
Seven virtuous




















VP Nailpolish and dance legend

VPandDanceLegendPlease ignore the variations of lightening, I was trying my best to capture the polises correct color

The last 3 pictures was i little test with a beautiful topcoat from Dance Legend, and on top of that i have a matte topcoat by Essie.
Beautiful right?

I’m really so impressed of this bri...

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New in- ILNP Nailpolishes

Finally my awaited nailpolishes from ILNP has arrived! 😀

When I first open my package yesterday I was really pleased with the nail polish boxes, the first thing I saw.
They are beautiful! I nice matte black box with a heart-shaped punched hole that you see the nailpolishes color thrue. Really like that!

And when I look at the polishes!! Wow! I thought my eyes was popping out of my head! 😉 they are beeeaaauuutifull

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NOTD – All Hail The King

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to show you the next Virtuous Polish nail polish I own 🙂 can’t wait to try all of them!

It’s not from the Seven Virtues Collection this time, it’s a limited edition nail polish that was released in December called All Hail The King 🙂
The color of this nail polish it’s very special, it looks both purple or pink depending on the lightening, you can see what a mean in my pictures 😉

What’s different about this polish compared to...

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NOTD – Virtuous Polish -Temperence

Hi everyone!

I couldn’t keep the Virtuous Polish Humility on my nails anymore, I just HAD to try another one of the Seven Virtues Collection 🙂
They are just standing there in the nailpolish rack and teasing me with their beauty!




Isn’t it beautiful?


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Review – Virtuous Polish – Humility

First Virtuous Polish out for testing is- Humility!

This is the most beautiful blue-ish purple nail polish i ever seen so far!
I’m soo in love with this collection and this particullar nail polish I’m going to show you now!

I have swatches the whole collection now, and tried Humility on myself so i thought i could give you a little mini review and my first impression at least 🙂

But first, here some pictures of the whole collection:

Virtuous Polish, Humility, Nailpolish, Nagellack Seven Virtues Collection p...

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