Today my first things from the nail art brand Mouyou arrived! 🙂
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I bought three stampning-plates from their new collection <strong><a href=Holy Shapes and one stamping polish called Purple Haze.
moyou stamping
purple haze
Now I’m just waiting for my new stamper – the popular Creative stamper that supposed to be really good. So excited! 🙂

The stamped I’ve have now is a cheap thing from eBay that makes my go nuts when I trying to stamp. Not good at all! Hopefully the creative stamper is much better!

Here you se the pattern i choosed 🙂(null)
moyou stamping plates
I really look forward to try theese, but i think I’m going to wait for my new stamper first 😉
Let’s save my the high blood pressure 😉

Do you have any suggestions in what pattern I should try first? Help me! 🙂

If you want to see it, o will make a post about that ad soon it arrives 🙂

Take care!
Many hugs!


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