Todays nails – ILNP Luna

Look at this gorgeous nail polish!

The next in line for test of my new five members from ILNP Ultrachrome collection is this beauty called Luna.
Its really hard to catch the beauty in this nailpolish in a picture, but I have tried 🙂 look and try to not drool! 😉

ILNP Luna swatch by

Luna by ILNPOn the ringfinger in this photo I tried a matte topcoat and oooh its so nice! 🙂

ILNP -Luna bottle

If you have the same cravings that I got when I first saw this polish, you can still get them here if your lucky 🙂

Have a great day!
Big hugs, Emelie!


4 responses to “Todays nails – ILNP Luna

    1. Beauty by :Orneklyft Post author

      Ja eller hur?! Ögongodis! 🙂 tack snälla! Ja matt Topcoat på flakies är ju dösnyggt 😀


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