Naglar Nytt i samlingen

My new little stamping friend :)

Let me introduce you to my new little nailart friend that I’ve read so much good about! 🙂

The Creative Shop Stamper:

In the nailart-world this is the bomb! 🙂 

I have tried three other stamper and non of them have worked for me! I have been so angry when I have tried to stamp with them so I’ve stop trying, until I bought this one 🙂 Now I feel like a pro right away, when I first try 🙂

Here is my first try this stamper, the only bad thing was this stamping plate I used, the pattern was a little bit uneven in the depth so it became a little bit patchy in some places.

What do you think? 🙂

Im totally in love with stamping now 🙂
Be prepared to see more of this kind of nailart here in the blog because I’ve ordered some new beautiful stampingplates and polishes 🙂

Take care! 

Big hugs!

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